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How to manage cat litter?

Maintaining a clean litter box for a cat is crucial to avoid any cat’s mishaps. Cats are clean creatures, and they like a clean environment, especially their litter boxes and if the little box is dirty, they can search for a substitute to do their business, which would be problematic for you as they can choose a clean basket placed in your home for laundry or carpet corner. Cats have 14 times stronger sense of smell than human beings, so if you think that your litter box is clean and does not smell bad or stinky, it doesn’t mean that your cat feels the same. Nowadays, self-cleaning litter boxes have gained much popularity, but they possess high prices, which most cat owners cannot afford. In this five minutes read, I will share a few tips to manage your cat’s litter.


1. Have one little box for each cat

It is better to place a litter box at multiple places in your home. If you have more than one cat, spare one litter box for each of your cat plus few extra ones. Litter boxes are meant for the private business of the cats, so they need to be placed in private spaces also, and at least one litter box must be present on each floor of your home. Cats feel more comfortable using the litter box privately, so as humans do while they use washrooms.


2. Daily scooping is the key to good management.

Scooping the litter box once per day helps to maintain a clean litter box. It is the best practice to put the poop in a sealed bag and avoid flushing the poop if your litter is not designed for flushing purposes. For flushing, special litters are available, which are formulated for this purpose.

3. Lining the litter box helps convenient cleaning:

Using a lining in the litter box can help conveniently dispose of the used litter. The lining is best in the case of the litter, which is a non-scoopy type. Using the lining help to cope with excess urine, which may otherwise pool.

4. Provide a nice, smooth surface for cats to dig in:

Mostly litter manufacturers advise a litter layer of two to three inches, but if your cat is a deep scratcher, you should build a litter layer of 3-4 inches. You can start by adding 2 inches of litter and then finding the right depth for your lovely cat. After adding the litter to the litter box, level it off to provide a smooth, nice surface for your cat for digging.





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