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Why cats pee outside the litter?

Anyone having experience keeping a cat as a pet must be familiar with the awful smell of a cat’s urine. Despite maintaining daily cleaning of litter boxes and trying to keep everything perfect for your furry friend, if she still ignores it and pee outside the litter, that is like an insult to the owner and can be frustrating for anyone with exemplary patience. But here the point to ponder is, why does my cat pee outside the litter box? How can I overcome this? In these five minutes read, I will discuss some primary reasons which can possibly be the cause of such frustrating behaviour by the cat. The reasons associated can be behavioural, or the cat may be suffering from medical issues:

Medical issues:

screaming_catThere are many health related issues in cats, which can lead to inappropriate behaviour during urination. To name a few, these are:


Cats with the inflammation of the urinary bladder are seen to have blood in the urine. The inflammation called cystitis for the urinary bladder may be due to unknown causes. Microscopic examination of the urine will help differentiate cystitis causes. Consult a veterinarian for proper treatment and use anxiety and pain-relieving medicines.

    Stones in the bladder:

Stones may develop in some cats, which can even lead to the blockage of the bladder. Stones may be caused due to crystals. Conclusive diagnosis can be made with the x rays.
Other possible medical issues can be urinary tract infections and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, liver, and thyroid issues. Cats may also pee outside the litter when they feel pain in any part of the body.

stressed cat

In case, no medical issue is diagnosed, but the cat pee outside the litter, you should look for other issues leading to the cat’s inappropriate behaviour to pee. The contributing factors may be:


Cats are sensitive beings, and they feel slight changes in the surrounding drastically. Make sure to provide a hidden place for the cat to getaway! A cat may be stressed out by the presence of other animals in the home, or she may be feeling danger in the presence of other pets. Ensure you do not provide access to other animals into your cat’s territory to keep her comfortable.

An unclean litter box

The dirty litter box may be a significant contributory factor for the cat peeing outside. Cats do have a clean nature, and they like being in a clean environment. If their litter box is not clean, she may feel uncomfortable using it. The location of the litter box is also vital. If it is not in the right place of the cat’s choice, the cats will not like to go and pee there. Also, do not limit the number of litter boxes at home and leave a choice to the cat by having one or two extra at home in different locations.

Old urine smell

It is a well-known fact that cats possess a strong sense of smell, even 14 times stronger than humans. If you clean up the area where your cat accidentally peed, she can still sense the old urine smell and go again to that particular corner of your home to do her business.

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