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Why does cat urine smell so bad?

It is challenging for all the cat owners to deal with litter’s cleanliness and waste management. Cats make lovely, furry, cuddly pets, but pet owners still hate dealing with the awful act of cleaning their poop and urine, which smells so bad. Let us now understand what actual urine is?


Urine is a waste formed due to several metabolic reactions carried out in the body. All animals urinate, and their urine has a particular smell, but the smell of cat urine is very difficult to bear due to its stinking odor. Did you ever wonder why does the cat’s urine smell so bad? The answer lies in the history of cats’ evolution. Cats primarily inhabited deserts, so their bodies were efficient enough to absorb water to best survive in the desert environment. This efficiency in absorbing water is still present in modern-day cats. Cats absorb large amounts of water from their own urine to keep them hydrated and they don’t drink a large amount of water, which makes their urine too concentrated, thus producing a stinky smell. The concentrated urine of cats is so bad smelling that even a few drops can be sensed easily.


Urine has wastes like toxic substances cleared from the body, uric acid creatine, salt, and urea. Urea is odorless, but it converts to ammonia when bacteria break it down, which has a nose wrinkling smell.


Pheromones are also a significant contributor to foul-smelling cat urine. High levels of a pheromone felinine are present in male cats, which break down into sulphur compounds such as thiol, which is mainly responsible for a particular catty odour and gets stinkier gradually. This pheromone is mainly present in intact male cats. In the wild, cats that mark their territory, their scents do not dissipate quickly into the surroundings, which is not favourable in a domestic cat’s case. This sulphur-based compound cannot be cleaned easily, so special enzymatic cleaners are required for their cleaning.


A super smelly cat pee can also be due to an underlying medical problem. In such cases, seek veterinarian help. Make sure to clean the litter box daily and have an adequate number of litter boxes according to the number of cats you own, i.e., one litter box per cat plus one. Weekly washing your cat’s litter box with soap can help minimize the urine smell. Also, it would help if you changed the litter with a new litter once a month.




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