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How to reduce litter box smell?

Most people, especially cat owners, know that cats are clean animals and like to be surrounded by a clean environment. This reality makes it essential to keep the cat litter box clean. Interestingly, cats do possess a smelling sense 14 times greater than human beings, and they can easily sense a stinky smell. If the cat litter box is unclean having a foul odor, she may quickly sense it and look for another area to do her business instead of using her litter box. Fortunately, the Cat’s instinct to be in a clean environment makes them do the waste in hidden and covered places, such as a litter box. It may feel a bit difficult to clean the litter box, but as it is your pet catty’s desire and instinct, you may realize that it’s vital to clean the litter box often. Here are some ways to reduce the foul smell of the litter box to make the cat comfortable using it:

orange cat1. Daily Scooping is the key:

It would be helpful if you scoop the litter box twice daily. If Scooping is not done daily, old urine and feces will spread the awful smell into the whole of your house, making it uncomfortable for you to live.

2. Replace the litter weekly:

Even if you regularly scoop the litter box daily, there is a chance that leftovers remain in there, building up and start producing a stinky smell over time. To combat this, it is advisable to dump out the old litter and replace it with a new litter after adequately cleaning the litter box with soap or detergent.

3. Provide ventilated space for litter box:

Most cat owners mistake placing the litter box in the house’s dark, tiny, hidden area, which worsens the smell by concentrating it. This may be unpleasant for your Cat, and she may go somewhere else to do her business, maybe at the center of your bed.

4. Baking soda can be a great help:

cat toilet

Baking soda can serve as a natural deodorizer. People have a common question regarding baking soda in cats, whether it is safe or not? The answer is yes! Baking soda is safe, and mixing it with the cat litter will reduce cat urine’s odor by absorbing it.

5. Consider replacing litter box once a year:

As time passes, old litter boxes become worn out due to excessive clawing by the cats. Thus, the scratches produced serve as a residing place for bacteria, ultimately producing smell in the litter box. To reduce bacterial growth, it is preferable to change the litter box once per year.

I hope these tricks will help you overcome foul-smelling litter boxes and make your life easier, having an excellent time with your lovely Cat.







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